“The passion for cars and a joyful spirit are the force that drives the creation of the small gems we make that thrill children every day.”

Donato De Carlo

A story of Italian passion and innovation.

Romagna-based Sela Group is a world leader in the production of battery-powered cars for children and teenagers. Its baby cars and bumper boats can be seen operating in amusement parks, tourist facilities and family entertainment centres around the world.

Sela Cars was founded on 18 January 1972 by two young cousins, Gerardo and Donato De Carlo. With tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to enter what was at the time an innovative and still unexplored sector: battery-powered mini cars.

Their small workshop soon became a hotbed of new ideas. The cars were designed by Gerardo and Donato with the aim of giving kids a thrill.

The cousins personally supervised the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the cars throughout Italy, constantly striving for perfection and innovation in both design and production. The company continued to grow year after year, hiring new employees.

Within a decade, Sela Cars consolidated its distribution network and adopted increasingly advanced technologies for quality control and the safety of its “little drivers.”

In the mid-eighties the company also started the production of bumper boats, an attraction that combines the fun of dodgem cars with a water element and represents today another crown jewel for Sela Cars.

Over the years, Sela Cars expanded its sales network a lot by entering the export market: what was once a workshop had become an international company.

An artform handed down
from generation to generation.

Fulvio De Carlo with his father Donato.
Martina in a flashy Daytona model car and Mattia in a historic Formula 1 model from 1980.

In less than twenty years since it was founded, Sela Cars had become one of the leaders on the Italian market, and the reference point for battery car manufacturers in Europe. The dream of the young cousins Gerardo and Donato had become reality, and their total dedication to work then spread to the entire family.

The nineties saw the second generation of the De Carlo family join Sela Cars: the energy of youth carried the company into the new millennium, giving stimulus to renew and innovate, integrating craftsmanship with new technologies.

Today the Sela Group has consolidated its leadership in Europe and has conquered the world market, exporting its battey cars and bumper boats to every continent.

Fulvio De Carlo, proudly at the helm of the company founded by his father Donato, carries forward the art of battery cars and bumper boats, setting increasingly ambitious goals for the Sela Group. Innovation and theme setting, tailor-made design and after-sales service have become the mainstays that allow the company to excel internationally, in perfect harmony between tradition and the future.

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