100% italian baby cars since 1972

Sela Group is a company based in the Romagna region that has been manufacturing baby cars for 50 years. All-Italian design, care to materials, customised production and after-sales service have led the company to become a world leader in the production of coin-operated battery cars. The design of the cars is always modern and in step with the latest trends, fully responding to market needs and capturing the attention of children and teenagers every time.

Sela Group products are tailor-made for each customer, who can customise the design down to the smallest detail. The car tracks and bumper boat pools are designed according to the available space and budget, in both permanent and portable installations. Sela Group exhibits at all major international trade shows in the leisure and hospitality industries. It is a supplier to the most popular amusement parks and tourist locations for families.




Mini bumper cars

Full Service Sela Group.

Design and supply

of complete play areas, with car tracks and bumper boat pools of any size, including themed versions.


design and production. Strict quality, and safety controls. Bespoke design. Research. Innovation.


We work alongside the customer at all stages. After-sales service and spare parts around the world.

We deliver fun to leading brands.