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Sela Group cars are equipped with innovative technologies. The company’s manufacturing experience and tireless research leads to constant improvements in the construction of its battery cars, both mechanically and in terms of safety and design.

The first stage of the work is the car’s design.

The car in fact first takes shape as a 3D model, defining its design and technical features. This is the stage when the team’s creativity meets the customer’s needs, with the possibility of designing completely customised cars.


The second stage is manufacturing.

The model’s fiberglass body is then constructed: this is done using a series of resins that make it light, waterproof, and incredibly sturdy. The car is then painted and decorated based on the customer’s requirements.


The third stage is assembly.

This final step is a sort of “marriage” between the bodywork and the mechanical and electrical parts. Upon completion, each car undergoes strict quality and safety tests.

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The cars are powered by brushed electric motors, with a power output ranging from 100 to 500 watts, supplied by 12 or 24 Volt AGM or Lifepo batteries.

The strength of Sela Group is its ability to customise the cars’ technical components to best adapt to the needs of each individual customer.

The oil bath gearbox, for example, is designed and manufactured directly by the company. Why? No maintenance and very smooth running of the car.


The company also designs and manufactures the 15 types of chassis used on the battery cars and bumpers. The chassis are made from iron and steel to withstand shock and last as long as possible.

The bumpers that complete the cars are made from a special rubber and PVC compound and are equipped with a spring system to perfectly absorb impact.


The cars’ bodies are completely handmade by the company’s own artisans. These are made from a series of resins that, layer on layer, create a very solid material.

The fiberglass body is both light and safe for children, but also weatherproof and extremely resistant to wear and impact.


The cars are all equipped with multiple safety devices. In addition to the safety belts on the ergonomic seats and the spring-loaded bumpers to absorb shocks, each car has a battery charge indicator: the operator thus never runs the risk of the car suddenly stopping in the middle of the track.

Furthermore, with the remote START&STOP function, operators have complete control of the car, even from a distance.


The electronic control unit (ECU) is designed and built in the company’s workshop. It is fitted on every car and manages all of the functions. The ECU is highly customisable: each customer can request specific functions based on the structure that houses the track or the type of users.

For example, the duration of the ride, the maximum speed, the automatic stop function, and the token/coin system can all be controlled.


Customers are supplied a remote control used to manage all of the cars on the track.

Operators have complete control of the entire fleet in just one hand, and can easily change all of the parameters as desired, without having to act individually on each car. Fast and intuitive, it is also easily operable by the track staff. 

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