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Boating School!

Driving School themed track
at Nickelodeon Adventure

This Nickelodeon-themed indoor park is located at Centro Comercial Thader, a large shopping mall in Murcia, Spain. The park is divided into different themed areas based on the most popular Nickelodeon cartoon characters.

Here you can see a stunning example of a themed driving school track by Sela Group: SpongeBob’s Boating School, part of the Bikini Bottom area, entirely dedicated to the joyful sea sponge cartoon character.

The baby car is a themed Medium Car, looking like the original cartoon boat. The track and the scenery are fully themed too.


Credit: Parque Reunidos.

Fully-themed cars and tracks.

Sela Group can assist customers in the development of their park. By carefully planning the spaces available, customers can exploit all of the potential that their area offers: all of the different aspects are examined, including space, user needs, type of target and desired attendance. Through 3D views, the area takes shape under the customer’s own eyes, allowing complete freedom of design.

The area can also include several battery car tracks or bumper boat pools of different sizes and types, which thanks to the theme chosen by the customer merge into a single entertainment area.

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Seasonal tracks

Ice themed bumpers

Sela Group also designs and installs themed routes with road signs, or removable tracks for events, holiday periods, seasonal holidays or special periods of interest.


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