There is no such a thing than a thrilling ride at full throttle on our Drifty 2.0 go-karts! Experience the fun of challenging your friends and family in a Drifty race. The race track needs to be large enough for the karts to drift at bends (at least 4m wide ) and what’s brilliant about them is that drifting can be adjusted according to the track’s features. The track layout is up to your fantasy, we can support and help you in designing and supplying it.
The motto is “more bends, more drifting!” Check out this recent Drifty 2.0 track at one of our customers’ parks.


Congratulations to FAJNPARK – Chlumec nad Cidlinou for their stunning Drifty 2.0 city-themed track! In this track our Drifty 2.0 run at a reduced speed to allow also children to enjoy a safe but fun experience with their parents. Drifty 2.0 can reach higher speeds (up to 14 Kmh) and ensure proper drifting on bends thanks to a new electronic control unit with enhanced functions.



Totally new race-style stickers for this must-have 2-seater 24V car with 2 batteries and double charging plug.
4hrs autonomy and a battery status indicator to warn when it’s time to recharge.
4 wheels and a turning radius of 460 cm.
400W motor with reducer transmission.
As all other cars from Sela, LE MANS is equipped with electronic control box and coin acceptor (which on demand can be replaced with alternative devices such as smart card or RFID readers).