This Mini Bumper Car is suitable for kids aged 2 to 5 years old and is the perfect solution both for indoor playgrounds and outdoor play centres. It doesn’t require much space, for instance 5 Jumbos can fit in a 25 sqm area (5 x 5 m). The news is that parents can drive their kids from a remote Cockpit console that is able to control up to 8 Jumbos at a time. Alternatively, each Jumbo can be linked to one console so that each and every one can be controlled at the same time. Not only can parents drive the younger kids, they can also give them total control of the Jumbo by just pressing a button and there you go kids can drive on their own with steering wheel and accelerator pedal. 2 motors (12V 100W) are powered by one battery (12V 45A) ensuring up to 6 continuous hours of operation. Fun for everyone!

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